I Need Help making a flying script

Okay, So I´m Making A Game, But I Want To Add A Flying Script, And It Activates When I Press ¨V¨ But I Can´t Figure Out How. Can Somebody Help?

Hi @TheOnlyLabs,

Could you elaborate a little on you end goal for this script? It’s a pretty big question that could many many things. It’s always best to break down the issue you are trying to solve into the smallest chunks possible and then work from there.

We know that you want something to happen when the user presses V, but not what specifically. Does pressing V move a certain object up? A camera? Does the object come back down? If it does, is it driven by physics or by another button press?

Any background information you can provide is always useful as well as an example project for others to look at.

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@eproasim, i would like my script to act like the G-Mod V-Clip. (No-Clip Basically, But You Press ¨V¨ To Activate It)

i want the player to be able to be able to kinda no-clip. maybe removing the colider when the key is pressed and making it come back when u let go of the key. something like that. i also need to fly when the key is pressed