I need help for vr project

hi, i have a problem. I will make my first xr/vr project, and, with limited tutorials this have, i create commands for controller and camera. Now, i make 3 cube, my goals are to make 1 of them change color, 1 destroy and one collide with the room walls. but i have problem, because i first try to work with input like a project with mouse and keyboard, and in fact it doesnt work. Now i try to implement button click when ray going over the box to change color, with chatGPT (that give me knowledge and help with other script projects) and other projects, but im stuck and need to go forward. any help? here the link of project.

@ImPeregrino I have used this great example shown in the forum post. The example shows a large number of WebXr interactions. I have used this example in my VR developments and found it to work well with Oculus 2.


ok this can help, another material for study process, greetings!

@ImPeregrino Welcome to Playcanvas. There is another tutorial here that will show you some basics. Moving around a room and simple interactions. Here is a link to the tutorials page.


If the link does not work look for the VR tutorials at the bottom.

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finally , i made it! PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine

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@ImPeregrino Looks great! You have come up to speed very quickly. I look forward to what you do with your projects and feel free to contact me if you need more support.

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