I need help for my VR game

So, I am looking for some help on my first VR game for mobile. So, I need an easier way to move in the game first, and I need help with multiplayer. I used the multiplayer tutorial game’s networking code, but it isn’t working, even if I change the code. It won’t work. For movement, I want players to look down to move. Please somebody help me with this.


p.s. here is the project page: PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine

Hi @TheOnlyLabs,

Are you looking for collaboration? Or help with a specific topic?

If you’re looking for collaboration you should move your post to the Collaboration subforum and fill all the required details about your project.

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I would like some help. please

@TheOnlyLabs Hi and Welcome to Playcanvas. There are many routes you can take that are published in the forum. The starter template when creating a example or test project is a great start. All of my VR developments started there and then by searching this forums wealth of information I found this great example that I currently use.

It covers and good amount of the basics and I have used bits and pieces in my development. Hope this helps.


I cant edit this for some reason

If you mean that you can’t edit the project that @Tirk182 shared, you probably need to fork the project first.