I need help for a movement script for my Player

Can someone please help me and tell me what to do after my script to get my character to move. Heres the URL


try putting this in the update function:


Ok thanks I’m going to try it right now.

does it move by itself?

it will move by itself you put a function for it,
i will send the full code

ok I’m going to check now

no it didn’t work i don’t know why.

i will look into your project

it does not work because it is supposed to be


you only put (KEY_W) instead of (pc.KEY_W), i hope this helps

thanks, I’m going to try and that makes sense now.

does it work now?

btw I am making a mobile game with playcanvas, i already made movement, i am doing level design

it didn’t work but can you help me with a different game. It’s a sonic game and I need help with the Animation Blending
the URL is
It’s a Sonic 06 2021 version.
I think it would be a fun game to make and have people play when it’s finished.
I need to add the Animations before the movement can you help with both?


make me admin

my username is justini

Ok thanks.

I made you admin and do you know how to make or animate models yourself?
If you do I need you make a super sonic animation for a super sonic from sonic 06.