I need game help

@Albertos how do i set a mesh collision for all the objects?
i cant find a way to set up a crosshair system and add an inventory.
please help!

Hi @JessJess123!

You need to add a collision component and set the type of it to Mesh. Then you can drag and drop your model asset into the slot.

A crosshair is for a first person game just an UI element in the middle of the screen. You can make it more complicated, but it depends on your wishes and game. In my example project below I also use a crosshair.


This is not easy to achieve. It requires some script logic and probably some UI elements. Below an example project made by @JustVlaxx.


I have multiple things set up for collision but i still keep falling through the floor

It looks like the floor entity is missing a rigidbody component.

If a parent entity has multiple child entities with a collision component, you only have to add a rigidbody component on the parant entity together with a collision component of type Compound.

how do i make myself bigger?

You probably need to change the size (height) of the collision component.

i did it but i cant move.

The project link you shared is no longer valid or private.

Can you share the editor link of your project so I can take a look?