I need available Animation Root Motion Script

The previous examples are too old。

Hi @hello,

I am not sure there is an example on root motion, or if there is support for this in the anim component.

@Elliott may be able to comment more on this.

@Leonidas , not currently no. I’ve had some experimentation with root motion but it’s still very much in the research stage. Though if there’s more appetite for it going forward, It’s priority could be reassessed.


My animations with root motion are playing in the editor now so I guess you got to it :slight_smile: but trying to figure out how to loop.

Is the best way to add an event to the animation like ‘end’ or ‘loop’ and then listen for that and get the offset of the root bone and add that to the parent?

Not quite. They always could be played but they don’t move the entity with animation which is the what you want root motion to do.

The recommended approach is still not to use root motion and move the entity instead with code.

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