I need a three dimensional designer

I am willing to pay up to $10 USD for someone to make a very specific model for me and my game

I am interested. You can see my work on instagram
deepak_fx for more detail work you can contact me.

Are you able to make advanced 3d models? Because I am wanting a ww2 map for my game. and I want like, trenches, buildings, caves, etc. I would also appreciate it is a large-scale map (I’m not sure if you know what it is but like the ones for battlefield 1). and I’d like it to be semi-professional…(in the obj or fbx format).

I thought this to be a small gig but what you are asking is much more time taking and for building and caves etc you need to give me a concept art first then we can go to 3d modeling part. You have to give me a budget.

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I am fairly good at making maps and I love to do it for free! :smiley: