I need a coder and artist for a game called The Creation, title is WIP

Alright if anyone is interested I have an idea for several games but I’ve decided to start with the most simple one. This game, “The Creation” as it is currently being called, is based on, I know, but here me out, this game won’t be like any other version, its the origin. Yes, we are going to use a few pinterest drawings as inspiration, to create a game for slender man’s origin story.

I found some games with some interesting mechanics, but i’m unsure how to detach whatever makes the actions and merge them together. Like theres this project called sunshine and you have this bee and your character is always moving forward so to actually move you use the left and right arrow keys, its a bit annoying but it could be useful for a difficulty aspect.

another part of this sunshine game is that after the bee completes the action of polinating the flowers it morphs into a different animal. So I was thinking we could use that mechanic to change the story and levels a bit. Like in the beginning your this girl and you have to collect things around the house like rope, pills, knives, ect. then it does a short scene of the slenderman or this girls depression coming out of her. after this scene we could either have it continue by having slenderman kill her and have her soul follow him around, or have you play the game as the next character, slenderman. during the slenderman level you are still in the girls room, and you have to pick up all her vent notes, once you complete that you’d go to the next level where you place notes on the trees of the forest surrounding her house. Which is where the large map, scenery engine project i forked was suppose to help but i only get 200MB or something so it might be too much. Anyway after he finishes placing the notes he finds a way to lure kids to the forest by using the girls phone, but only the ones with the most fear and sadness, this part would have to be a like story scene as well, then you morph into one of the sad children on the last level, collect and read all the notes, then fall victum to the depression/slenderman, thus creating the story and bringing more children to the forest to die or escape. whitch that last part will be the ending theme.

I want to use a miku dance model to create the girl or boy the player will be playing. I haven’t a clue what i’ll do about making slenderman and my lack of technology and knowledge always gets in the way of my amazing game ideas, so i’m kind of begging for help. I can draw digital and traditional, its just really difficult for me. Unfortunately I have no money, but id love to see this game created and if it gets popular i will get it monetized and share earnings.

You can reach me anywhere. ^^ except on forums xD I usually forget about forums.
You can message me on:

Wattpad: AKA-Renegade
Email: stardusk12@gmail.com
Facebook: Kaylyn Danielle Sara Smith
PlayCanvas: Kyoskee

Whatever social media you have I probably have, except twitter and instagram, those accounts i cant access.


Hi, I also don’t have so much knowledge that let’s say I can work with you but it will be free.
I don’t have any social network just contact me here