I made some PlayCanvas Tutorials on YouTube

I made some PlayCanvas tutorials on Youtube (or at least tried to). Here are the links:

PlayCanvas Game Development Tutorial - How To Move an Object …

PlayCanvas Animation Tutorial Part 1 - Creating your Character in AutoDesk Online Character Generator

PlayCanvas Animation Tutorial Part 2 - Animating your character in Mixamo

Here is the long version of the above two tutorials in case one prefers the long version. The above tutorials are just cut up versions of this one:

PlayCanvas Tutorial - How to Create Characters for Animation

PlayCanvas Tutorial - Animating inside PlayCanvas using the Arrow Keys

PlayCanvas Tutorial - Adding Textures to our Character

PlayCanvas Tutorial - Moving our Character around Screen

I will come back and update this link if I make more. Enjoy!!


Nicely done! It is cool to see users contributing to the community.

A few tips to improve a quality of tutorials:

  1. Record in 1080p, with proper aspect ratio (not a-la mobile phone).

  2. Keep it simple, short and well structured. Making a script and scenario for tutorial before hand, and rehearsing once or twice, really helps to improve quality.

  3. Keep it short and focused. Explaining too much and to broad - is not a useful in many cases.

  4. Add links to actual projects made in PlayCanvas for the tutorial, and published builds would actually be very useful too.

  5. Subtitles and some overview at the beginning and at the end of tutorials.

  6. Try to use best practices:
    a. Introduce to concepts gradually
    b. Keep terminology consistent
    c. Style your code nicely, can use our Coding Standards

Making an educational content - is not an easy task. You need to nail psychology behind developers thinking, and more importantly be able to think not as developer but as a beginner to always remember how they might think in many directions, but not the correct one :slight_smile:

I’m sorry Max. I did my tutorials with limited resources and plus I’m broke LOL. I just thought I’d do those tutorials during my spare time since I didn’t really see any tutorials on youtube regarding subjects like walking animations or even how to make a character walk nor on how to add textures to an animated character. Those things are important for games and I didn’t see them.

I tried to be as thorough as possible knowing that some beginners NEED that thoroughness (like I did when I was trying to learn). I teach elementary schools. Plus, I’m a father. So, I do know something about beginning learner’s psychology, covering bases for different TYPES of learner and what not. I was being thorough not broad. But, I might add in those captions when I have time.

And the code that I used was based (and structured) from what was ALREADY written on the PlayCanvas webpage. I just fixed it up a little bit so that it could work for what I was trying to do. But anyway, I was just trying to help. I know everything wan’t perfect! Peace!

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Dude, it is great you’ve made those tutorials. I didn’t mean to provide any critics, rather generic tips on producing such content.

It is great to have users helping each other a lot, especially taking in account how web engine is accessible - browser + laptop and can do gamedev! :slight_smile: So loads of people without any background will find content you’ve made useful.


Thanks for these tutorials. I was completely unaware of this online workflow. Very cool.

You’re welcome puzzud! I’m glad that I could help