I’m lonely and I need friends

Does anybody want to be friends? I just started a week ago, but I only became active today.

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hi, you can be my friend if you can solve this riddle
what is white, black, and red all over.

What does orange pencil mean?

Someone edited your post.
Can be you who edited it or a member of staff/mods.
But for this instance it was a moderator

Oh ok, but the moderator didn’t change the post at all

Top left. @yaustar is a moderator for the PlayCanvas team.

He just changed it to “random chat”.


ooooooo thx I was clueless lol

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:ooooo thx for like that was an achievement for me

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??? What?

@thebosser24 why did u delete ur post

it was stupid, and it was the wrong post for this topic

Haha ok