I load a model with the end of ".json",but the texture is not right

I download a FBX model from the editor. After downloading, it contains the corresponding JSON files and images. I use this method to load the model. My code is as follows:

var url = "../FYPlaycanvas/paint_whit/paint_whit.json";
        app.assets.loadFromUrl(url, "model", function (err, asset) {
            self.car = new pc.Entity();
            self.car.addComponent("model", {
                type: "asset",
                asset: -10,
                castShadows: true,
                isStatic: false,
                castShadowsLightmap: true,
                receiveShadows: true,
                lightmapped: false
            self.car.setEulerAngles(0, 180, 0);

but the effect is different from that of using the editor. I am very confused. could you can help me,please.
the model settings in editor is here:
Contrast pictures is here,The texture of the upper body is normal and the lower one is abnormal:

Hi @fengyu, that’s interesting, they should be the same.

To confirm, are all other scene settings the same (cubemap, lighting etc.)? Are you loading it in the same scene?

Only one setting is different:

// app.scene.gammaCorrection = 2.2; // Editor's setting 
 app.scene.gammaCorrection = pc.GAMMA_SRGB;  // Settings in my code

Everything else is the same. It uses the same sky box and the same lighting

Gamma can affect all coloring/lighting, though not sure if that’s your problem here. But give it a try and put the same gamma value to test.

I guess so,and that’s another question. I need to ask another person about skybox first, the person you guided me to find last time。
Thank you,If there is any new progress, I will synchronize here

Check your environment map (skybox or material.cubeMap or material.sphereMap), maybe your environment map should be rgbm.

I have checked material.sphereMap,it was normal loaded,It could be the skybox problem