I have reached my 1 GB limit for disk space for free plan

Hello, @yaustar . So I am currently working on my game project right now that is due tomorrow, but I can’t seem to proceed to working on it since I have already reached my 1 GB limit for free plan. I have already deleted all the unnecessary assets but nothing changed, this didn’t happen before. I even tried forking my project to a different account with no projects at all (newly made) but once I open the editor, it says that there’s no disk space already. What could by the possible solution that I can do, I am actually so desperate of help right now. :((


The fork hack basically only works if the space is used by checkpoints you’ve created. After the fork you have to delete the original project and this can be risky.

If the space is used by assets I don’t think a fork will work, because the assets are also present in the fork. If you say that the project also used all space in a new account, it sounds like this is the case.

My suggestion is to check your project for large assets and replace them with smaller assets. (Perhaps it is possible to delete the source files only, so you can still use the assets in the project).

Please share a link of your project if you need more help.

Hello! You mentioned about deleting the source files only? May I know, how can I do that?

In the example below, I can delete the selected source file without breaking the asset.

Oh I see, thank you very much, Albertos! I will try that.

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