I dont know how to make the camera follow the mouse

i dont know how to make the camera follow the mouse

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Hmm, can you give an example what should happen when you move the mouse?

the mouse follows the camera in 360 sorry im new

If you want to make it like a first-person movement, where the camera would rotate with the mouse, you can follow this tutorial, that explains the principle:



it says the ridged body
needs a ammo

Right. So, if you go to your project settings:

Then, on the right side the project properties will be displayed. You can import Ammo from there:

ohh thanks

it worked but how do you make the plane solid so the player can move

because the player keeps falling down

You would need to add a rigid body and collision components to both - the floor and the player. The floor rigid body would be static, while the player would be dynamic. You can open the Editor of the sample project from the tutorial and see how the entities are setup:

i am so sorry to bother you but the script is not working

Could you send a link to the editor?

if you want i can help you if you add me to the team my account is -EHSAANAKHAN-

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thanks but i dont know how to join others


never mind here i sent it to you

i sent u a invite

no you have to add me to your team for me to make changes

when you’re on your project on the right hand side it says “team” it should show you as the “owner” and there should be “edit” button and when you press it you can type someones name in there so they can be added to youre game and you can decide if they are allowed to be admin or not when you add me put me to read and write

just saw that you added me but you never put me as “Read and Write” i need you to do that so i can make changes

i sent you to be admin so here