I cant to modify my projects after Playcanvas updates

Hi all,

After new updates I can`t modify my scene and keep functionality of it…!?

I’m inserting new model in .fbx format and instead of solo model it uploading model in separated parts, so thats why, I think, my JS codes don`t work for it…

What happened, why its not working, what updates changed?

This is my project:

Thanks to all for help.

New projects by default with have Import Hierarchy enabled in asset tasks settings. This will create a template of the model hierarchy and render assets when a FBX is imported.

Existing projects will keep that setting as it was when the project was created.

The template will have render components instead of model components so scripts may need to updated for this.

If you want to go back to the older model asset and model component, then untick Import Hierarchy in the project settings under asset tasks

See this post for more details Transitioning to the New Render Component and Fill Mode API | PlayCanvas

What issues/errors/etc are you getting? We can better explain/narrow down the cause when you post more details?

I need to check it, I will let you know…