I cannot make brackets in the editor

On a danish MacOS keyboard layout the default keybinding to make curly brackets won’t work. They simply don’t make a bracket! What do i do?

It makes the whole system unusable.

Hi @BrianAgainAgain and welcome,

That’s unfortunate, I think a similar problem happened before with users using deutsch keyboards.

Invoking @vaios @yaustar on this.

To check, what key binding is used to make the curly bracket? Alt + 8?

Hey, sorry for the slow response, it was getting late here, hehe.

i make { with option+shift+8 and } with option+shift+9.

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Yipes, frustrating those keybindings are mapped to ‘Go to tab’ shortcuts :frowning:

I’m beginning to think we should get rid of them as they are causing issues on European keyboard layouts :thinking:

This is a hack until we have a better solution. In the Code Editor Tab, run this code in the Console and it will remove the keybinds for the ‘Tab 1, Tab 2, etc’

!function(){for(var t=1;t<=10;t++)editor.call("hotkey:unregister","goto-tab-"+t,{key:t%10+"",alt:!0,shift:!0,callback:function(){editor.call("editor:command:selectTab",t-1)}})}();

I recommend turning this into a bookmarklet for ease of use.

Hopefully, this will get you going until we figure out what is the best and quickest way to handle this.

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It works! For sure its a hacky solution, but at least i can make brackets now! Haha :slight_smile:
Thanks for the quick response. I look forward to trying out the editor properly!

Finally made the PR (had issues with testing this!) so hopefully won’t be too long now!

@BrianAgainAgain Hey, we got the change into production you should be able to type brackets now :slight_smile: