I can`t reset password of my account

Hi, I cant to reset password of my account, I dont receive mail to reset it,

Smth happened with my mail adress, initially it was [ivan.stratii4uk@yandex.ua] now its [ivan.stratiichuk@yandex.com],

So maybe that’s why I can`t to reset it…

Thank you for attention.

Hi @Ivan_Stratiichuk,

Try reaching out to support@playcanvas.com for help on that.

I wrote a mail to support team, no reaction…

Hi Ivan,

We haven’t gotten an email from you at support@playcanvas.com from either of the email addresses above. I’ve checked spam as well.

What we normally do is ask you to create a new project and add a text file in the project that has the content: ‘Please change my email address’ and send me the project to verify.

If you can do the above, I can update the email address.

The main problem that I cant to enter to my profile because of problems with my mail adress, I dont remember my password…

Its very strange that you didn`t receive a mail,

I’m afraid then we are a bit stuck as we can’t prove that you owned the original account.

You would be best to create a new user account and fork the projects to your new account.

I’ve checked our emailing list and can’t find that email anywhere. Spam or otherwise unfortunately.

How to find this account or projects of this account!?

You’ve posted a screenshot to the account page in the email that didn’t reach us above?


I did not have problems with this account before, but this mail is from Russian server, so I guess that some shit happened, and its connected with changed adress of a mail…