I am trying to make multiplayer using photon but when I try to play its says this error

I am trying to make a multiplayer experience using this tutorial Real-time Multiplayer with Photon | Learn PlayCanvas and for the player im using rigidbody, when I try to play it says this error.

Hi @Vivek_Chaini,

I haven’t seen that error before, it’s coming from Ammo.js (physics) normally not related with networking and multiplayer.

Are you able to share your project to take a look at?

Actually I think it’s a WASM error with using the Photon wasm library, it creates issues when running together with other wasm libraries (like Ammo.js in this case).

Photon recommend not to use it and use the JS version of the Photon library.

The project is private can i still share it? and what do you mean by use JS version of photon library? The tutorial isn’t using the photon library? And is there is any tutorial which will tell me how can i create a First-Person experience without using rigidbody

No if it’s private you can’t share it here (only add users with read and/or write access via their PlayCanvas username).

Good point, that tutorial doesn’t include the Photon Realtime SDK, you need to download it per the instructions and include it in your project:

My point is from the downloaded SDK don’t use any WASM files, but include the Photon JS fallback library.

WASM libraries usually include a fallback .js script to be used with browsers not supporting Web Assembly. If you look at your Ammo folder you will see three files.


The ammo.js file is the fallback JS library that can be used without the other WASM files. Try doing the same with the Photon library.

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@Leonidas do you have any proper tutorial for above thing you have mentioned. Like how can I use photon SDK I just started with photon.

@Leonidas here is my project PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine i made a copy of it and made it public so i am trying to create a multiplayer experience here using photon and i followed this tutorial Real-time Multiplayer with Photon | Learn PlayCanvas full project exactly. But i’m not able to connect to the server. Don’t know why? It says not connected when I play. Please help