Hunting for Senior WebGL/PlayCanvas Developer for an amazing project! Remote!

Greetings Everyone! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m here to introduce you to our hot job in Europe, but everyone can apply, providing you have the skillset we need :saluting_face:

Please, contact me straight away if you are Senior WebGL/PlayCanvas Developer and available to shake the world.

• Program gameplay functions and interactions within our project
• Develop WebGL shaders to get the most out of the visual effects
• Establish server connections and analyze multiplayer performance or the use of
future mass metaverse options
• Write code and debug bugs
• Manage database integrations
• Analyze possible creative future actions or technologies to implement with your
• At least 5 years of experience with WebGL and JavaScript
• At least 2 years of experience with PlayCanvas
• Proficiency in the following areas:
• Shaders/VFX with WebGL
• Interaction and gameplay implementation
• User interface integration with the designer
• Video/audio streaming and connection
• Load balancing and connection with multiplayer servers
• Databases and integration

Always an advantage:
• Unity and C#
• Node.JS
• Use of AWS/AZURE servers
• Photon or similar for multiplayer
• Voice IP and video streaming advanced knowledge
• WebSockets
• Possessing the appropriate WebVR development hardware

I am sure, our Project Manager (Big Boss) is here around too!

And this is what he said “We have a creative approach and based on the visual/interactive experience with users. We want to squeeze cutting-edge technologies, such as WebGL, while preparing for the WebGPU revolution. We think it’s the future, and we’d love for you to be part of this adventure where it’s going to change the world and the way we interact with the “old Internet”.”

If this is you or you have someone in mind to reccomend, please get in touch via DM or directly by

Thank you!

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Hello Natasha, Email sent. Please check.