Humble Bundle Game Maker key redemption


I didn’t see anything on the Humble Bundle Game Maker key redemption page, and I apologize if this seems obvious, but I had a question: is the promo code issued valid for only one month of service? And if not, how long does it last?

Thank you.


The promo code lasts for 3 months after which you’ll revert to the free plan.

I’ve written a little blog update here:

Is there a way for an admin to please cancel my Pro 5 promo subscription
and give me the promo code back?
I will not have the time within the next 3 months to test the engine even once…

I hope this post doesn’t come across in a mean way, but this is very very very very frustrating. Details ahead:

The situation with the Humble Bundle Promo Code is horrible! :frowning:

My initial reaction was "They added a free & open source product? Why?"
because Humble Bundle doesn’t mention anything about a Promo Code.

Then I randomly found the promo code why grabbing my steam keys.
Again, no explanation.

Now I activated the Promo Code, not knowing what it does and it activated “Pro 5” without any further Information.
Now I read that it’s a 3 month service. Why does NOBODY communicate with me? :frowning:

I am currently working on a large project while finishing my last semester @ university.
Thus I have no time to try any engine within this year and I cannot make any use this promo code.

I feel like I just threw it away without knowing, which feels pretty bad.

Sorry, about your experience. I’ll send you a PM and we can sort it out. No problems.

Could you tell us how long the promo code remains valid If we’d like to activate it at a later point in time?