Huge cad data on the web

Playcanvas and huge CAD data. Also runs on a pocket calculator, :slight_smile: but better on a PC because of the amount of data. It was our attempt to bring huge amounts of data and our visual quality to the web.


Niiiice! How big is the CAD data?

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The original CAD data has about 1 GB, reduced for Playcanvas, without textures, to a 42 MB fbx file.


Curious if draco / meshoptimizer compression would make it even smaller … See my investigation here:

the bed model was really high polygon, uncompressed mesh was 24MB and compressed down to 2-3MB with these compressions. Draco is built in to the engine, meshoptimizer needs some small amount of user code at the moment (we have that integrated into the viewer)

Perhaps try compressing your fbx / glb models using tools I mentioned on that link, and try loading them in the viewer