HTML file inside PlayCanvas

I made an HTML file with a simple button
But it doesn’t appear on in the game , when I inspect in console, doesn’t show button at all.
Is there any special way to display an HTML file?

You have to manually add the DOMs to the page. Here are some example projects:

I am a little confused, in the example project, we have an HTML file as an attribute in the javascript file, but the HTML file is never added to DOM
Can you please show me the line of the code in which is that added?

The code here adds the HTML and CSS to the browser document can be seen here:

I saw the code, but I still can’t figure out how to do that @yaustar
This is my code, how can I show this HTML file from the property

The initialize function on the code file I linked to has all the code you need. Look where this.html and this.css are being referenced.