Html + css make scrollable in 3D scene

I’ve got a long list of repeated buttons in html file with css attached to it. I can’t predict the exact number of them. It depends on the data I’d get from the server.

What do I need to do to make list of buttons in html scrollable if they’re getting far away of the screen border? Can I make html page loaded into the project scrollable somehow?

I did it myself. So I wanted to scroll a generated content inside the html/css form. Once I generated enough of a content to go over the boundaries of the Playcanvas project window, it didn’t give me a scroll bar to see it all. I was in struggle, because I didn’t used height: NNpx parameter for said .container. It was a silly thing. But once you explicitly place height in css and overflow: auto; or overflow-y, overflow-x with the said height, the scroll’s gonna work.

Hope it would help someone as me caught in this pattern. Anyways. Thanks for reading and have a great day! :3