How to View transform handles (with values at rumtime)

For example. If an entity is falling with physics, id posible ti view the vector with your real values position/rotation

You can get entity position and rotation with

this.entity.getPosition(); // <- for position
this.entity.getRotation(); // <- for rotation
this.entity.getEulerAngles(); // <- for rotation 

this works in case the script is attached on entity you’d like to know position and rotation

Not exactly what you ask, but for rigid body and their contacts it may be useful. You can also use it as a base to add your own debug info:

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Yes. I am looking for some similar, debug of the numeric values position/rotation while a entity moves with physics

I don’t think you will find a solution that provides that, so at best you can try implementing it yourself.

You can also use UI text elements to print that info over elements. Like this example that renders a UI element on top of a 3D object: