How to use the program?

Hi there ! I wanna know how to use the program cuz i wanna make my own videogame

If you have ever used Unity or Unreal, then the editor should be quite familiar. If not, then just try it out and see what you can make out of it. You’ll need some basic coding knowledge to make something out of the engine. You can also try and understand how the editor works. Making a game will help you learn the editor and how you can use it to your advantage.

Oh thanks a lot bro but Im a beginner so does theis engine works alike than unity, right?

The editor has many similarities to Unity. Although it isn’t an exact clone of the Unity editor, it should be familiar if you ever used it before.

so if I wanna make a game by where should I start first?

Well, first you need an idea. A good, original idea will captivate people to try it out.

if im a beginner my bro what you recommend me?

Just try out the editor with a fun idea. My first idea was to use basic shapes to make a smash bros. like game. You can try it out here:

This is how it looked in it’s earlier days:

I’d like to make game similar to mario kart but 3d with great cars my bro

You could try that. You’d need models though.

I suggest do something that’s original and cool, but something plausible for a beginner. If you’re good with modelling, than maybe try out your idea.

Learning the editor on my own is how I learned how to use it. Trial and error.

I can help you if you want, but I suggest looking through the tutorials to understand how to code here.

Why they only assigned 200mb for free users?

I’m not really sure, but don’t let that limit you. In my opinion, you should just try and have fun making something you really want to make.

They assigned 200mb to free users mainly because they have to pay the AWS bills, even for the free users. Even a little bit of space on AWS is quite expensive.