How to use spacebar to trigger character to jump

i have been making a game that is about exploring,however i want to use the space bar to make my character jump as he only currently walks around.i am also a begginer so do you have any simple way to do this?

Hi @anakin_Skywalker and welcome! It depends on your setup which is the best approach. There are many topics about jumping here in the forum that might help you. You can also take a look at my example project where I added a basic jump feature for a first person game.

hi @Albertos it is from a third person point of view,and i want to add momentum from running to propel me in the air as well

Unfortunately, I don’t have a ready to use third person sample project with jumping ability at the moment.

its okay i have found a way to give him the jump meachanism however not the animation

Maybe the project below can help you with this.