How to use my glTF model and all its other files in the editor?

I have assets all in a GitHub link that I would like to import. It includes a glTF model, its .bin file, and its textures. How would I get that into the editor via a url. Here is the url I am using:

At this stage glTF nor GLB files cannot be imported to Editor and worked on.
You can import them as binary files and then load them from there and build your scene using script, but that’s not what you are after with the importing I suspect?

At the moment, you should bring models you want to work on in Editor in fbx format.

I don’t think the engine directly supports loading of .gltf and .bin files. We recommend that .glb is used instead and you can see this example of using with an external URL:

If you still want to use .gltf and .bin for whatever reason, you can use the deprecated GLTF loader

Example here:

How can I convert it and its .bin file and textures to one glb file?

I’ve used this few times for similar purpose … give it a go

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