How to use ASTC compressed textures (NOT basis)?

Basis is based on UASTC, which is a subset of ASTC. While it’s cool that it can be easily transcoded to other formats, I’d rather use specifically ASTC compressed textures where supported, since I’m getting significantly better quality than from the UASTC basis textures.
How can ASTC textures be used in playcanvas?

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Does changing the mode from ETC to ASTC give you the quality result you are looking for?


No. As said, Basis (“ASTC Mode”) is based on UASTC, which is a limited subset of the ASTC block modes. Thus one can obviously get much better quality from an ASTC texture rather than from a Basis texture in ASTC mode.

My question is how to use a plain ASTC compressed texture (can be precompressed offline)

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Hi @mabu,

While we have support in the editor for compressing textures to native DXT, PVR, ETC1 and ETC2 (what we call legacy formats) we never added support for ASTC, since we have basis.

You could conceivably have created the ASTC yourself and loaded it as a binary blob, but unfortunately our DDS & KTX & KTX2 loaders don’t support ASTC encoding. See for example here.

It would probably be little work to add support for ASTC to one of the loaders (and submit the changes as a PR!) if you’re happy to generate the compressed images yourself.



I’m happy compressing the images myself, so adding this support would be highly welcome, since the quality difference can be pretty stark

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Added feature request: