How to use a plane on a 2d button

As seen on this, I try to make Plane usable within a hover setup on button (the Plane entity placed at ‘Image’ at button (right low corner on printscreen)):

Result: the plane is not becoming visible at launch - why? :slight_smile:

You have placed a 3D object in a 2D UI canvas. Use an UI image instead.

ok - off course … but 1) my real problem is actually, that I lost the white tint hover-mechanism on my buttons after duplicating the scene (therefore I was trying different debugging hail-mary’s)
Making the project public again for you to see again:
All the buttons have no hover-mechanism.

  1. Adding to that, I am trying to make the titles look like HTML-links with a line below (cf the ‘Image_Underline’ image elements - >> cf Camera/2d screen/OevreAccom + NedreHoejre) - those underline transparent png images repeats in top margins (what to do?)

Are you looking for something like this where the line changes colour on hover (the scene runs very slow on my laptop so the transition is delayed)?


Select the image in the assets pane, remove mipmaps and change the address UV to clamp



hover: more likely that I am on bad connection :-/ (but thanks for showing that rollover still reacts - can work with that when I get to a better site soon)
Nice with the cleanup with underlining problem - will try it