How to use a .hdr picture?

I upload a .hdr file and it converting to one PNG and one hdr, how to use it?

in PS it looks like this…

but in PC editor

Hi @Tidus,

Actually that’s quite ok, it’s HDR lighting in action, you should play with the render settings here (under your project settings) to get it closer to what you want. Play with the skybox settings and exposure / tonemapping:


Otherwise you can export from Photoshop a non HDR version of the files, plain PNGs will do.

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Thanks! change the Ambient Color and it works !

But change the Intensity dosen’t work , is it only work for with the skeybox?

So right, I see this is a spherical texture and not a cubemap (6-faces). To use it as a skybox so you can play with the intensity value you need to convert it to a cubemap.

You will have to convert it to convert your spherical texture to a 6 faced cubemap, there are some tools online that can do that. And then import all faces and setup a cubemap in the editor. Check this manual page for more on this:

OK, if i export to the PNG picture, is it the same with the HDR’s png + skybox?

If you would like to retain the HDR lighting info you will have to convert your .hdr spherical image file to .hdr 6 faces image files.

Otherwise yes png will work just fine.