How to synchronize script assets with Github?

With the new version of Playcanvas (January 14, 2019), version control is now possible throughout the PlayCanvas Editor: Version Control in PlayCanvas

But the article also said that:

[…] it’s now possible to synchronize your script assets from your PlayCanvas branch into an external source control system like Github. Try this yourself via our Asset REST API […]

Somebody have an example of a setup with REST API and how he synchronize his scripts with GitHub? Do we need to script our own triggers to start the sync?

Thank you for your help.

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@dave has been working on this. We should release a CLI tool that leverages the REST API soon which should help. But I don’t have an ETA on that yet.

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Regarding this functionality, I’ve been following this doc page:

It shows tabs I can’t see myself on the screenshot of the dashboard:

Additionally it describes how to use a local server, I was able to download and run the server, but I can’t see the same options in the UI in the web editor:

Am I missing something, or is that docs page out of date?


Sorry, doc is out of date, the legacy workflow is no longer accessible.

PlayCanvas now has versioning as part of editor

You can also use the API to do some exporting and updating of assets which some developers do: