How to set light map channel on GLB file?

Since it seems like there’s no way to interact with the material of a GLB in the editor, does anyone know of any GLB exporter which can carry a texture over into the lightmap channel?

I’m baking the lightmaps externally (Houdini/Redshift).

Are you importing a GLB file or importing a FBX that is converted to a GLB in the Editor.

Importing a GLB into the editor, but open to alternatives. But I want to use draco compression to keep everything optimised.

perhaps when glb is loaded, you might need to adjust the materials to assign texture to lightmap slot and anything similar - hopefully a simple script can handle this.

Yeah I was wondering the same thing. I can use a naming convention to easily script it.

GLBs are loaded as a container asset ( and within it will be the following properties:

  • animations (array of animations assets)
  • materials (array of materials assets)
  • model (model asset)
  • textures (array of texture assets)

You should be able to find the right material to apply the lightmap to