How to set Breakpoints?

I cant find a way to set breakponts in the code editor?

You set them in the browser debugging tools.

The browser debugging tools are incredibly powerful and contain most of the tools you would expect from Visual Studio including profiling and interactive console.

The systems says that ‘debugger’ is “forgotten statement”, and sets a yellow warning triangle at line numbers?


Are you sure we are talking about the same place.
I do understand that I can use console in Chrome - which is very helpful. But I want to use the environment to place breakpoints (within the / - domain)

You can’t. You have to use the Chrome debugging tools.

The yellow triangle is a lint warning (e.g missing ;). I can’t see ‘debugger’ used in your project. Can you screenshot what you mean here?

Yeah, that’s just a linter hint from the editor. Looks like it doesn’t recognise the debugger keyword.

Hmmm … you might be right - but if the link you send me in the top rerfers to using this ‘debugger’ within the code :-/

I’m saying that the linter doesn’t recognise it. It doesn’t mean that it can’t be used.

That said, I highly recommend just using breakpoints in the Chrome dev tools as outlined in the beginning of the page that I linked.

ahhh … ok /thx -> will try so