How to set 2d screen position always at the bottom of the 3d Space

Hello everyone.
I am trying to place the 2D Screen interface at the bottom of the 3D space. I tried changing position parameters, but it remains in the same position when I render it. Can anyone help me with that?


Can you give an example of what you are trying to do?

At the bottom there is a button named “SHOW INSIDE”, I want this button to be fixed at the bottom of the screen. Right now I have added the button under the 2D interface, but I can’t change its position.
the button overlayed on the main model.

Hope that helps.

Hi @varun_vashista,

Does your button have an image element component? On that element you can set the position like this:


That will set it to be positioned at the bottom of its parent screen element.

If that image is in the world space, perhaps this can help: