How to run Project in stable editor version 1.56.0 and export build files with same version 1.56.0

Hie forum ,
Due to new editor versions(1.57.1 and 1.58.0) I found my whole project not working properly like texture and sprite animation not rendering properly
Can someone please help me how to run project in stable editor version 1.56.0 and export build files with same version 1.56.0

You can run the launch tab with any version of the engine but we can’t guarantee computability beyond the ‘previous’ minor version of the current engine.

Hosting on is not possible beyond the previous minor release. However, if you are self hosting, you can swap out the playcanvas.stable.min.js file with 1.56 version (see above link to get a copy).

If you are using the REST API, there is an optional engine version param too: Apps - Download app | Learn PlayCanvas

Please do let us know what your issues are with texture/sprite animation (with a public repro project) and we can help or fix bugs that you have found.

Using this link I was able to launch project in previous version 1.56.0 in editor only but didnt find any property or variable in playstable.min.js file where I can override

Sorry its not my own project Actually I am working on some third party project

When you download a build to self host, it will look something like this:

Replace playcanvas-stable.min.js with an older version of the engine

In which case, please let the third party be aware that older versions of the engine may stop working with the Editor at any point. They run a risk by not addressing the issue, that it could be problematic as we do more engine releases

Worked for me this solution

Thank you