How to run multiple animations in a glTF model simultaneously

I tried to display the glTF animation model in the latest version of PlayCanvas.
I referred glb-viewer as a way to display glTF model.
However, I didn’t know how to do multiple animations at the same time.

PlayCanvas v1.27.0-dev revision 2faa719 + InterpolationTest.gltf result:
In this example, only one animation runs at a time.

The following is the expected result.

Hi @cx20 and welcome,

Not sure what’s the problem here, but there is work currently done on gltf loading/animation playback implemented directly in the engine.

You can check the progress on the engine repo and if you think there is a bug or a feature missing, submit an issue:

Thank you for your reply.

I want to play the animation of the following model.

When you display it with glb-viewer in the PlayCanvas repository, it looks like the following.

This model contains 9 animations, but it’s likely that only one can be played at a time with the play() method.
It may be a usage problem, but I don’t know how to play the animation at the same time.
I’m glad if you get some advice.

Paging @slimbuck:smile:

Hi @cx20,

Also 'cc @Elliott

The viewer uses the standard animation component to play animations and unfortunately this animation component only supports playing a single animation and then blending to another. That is why selecting the animation in the viewer blends out the currently playing one.

The underlying GLB animation system is more sophisticated than this and over time we will expose the functionality in an entirely new animation component. This will take time though!



@slimbuck Thank you for the information. I will test again when new animation features are supported in the future.

Hey all,

It’s been a year since this was initially posted and I find myself with the same issue. Are there any updates for solving this issue?

The following sample code may be helpful.

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