How to remove the blurring effect that occurs from importing pixel art

Here is my image in photoshop pixel perfect

Here is my image once imported into playcanvas, it seems like it’s doing some blurring when it comes into the engine, this is even with Anti Aliasing off, and Point on.

It seems to be fine with very limited color/small images but anything that has any shred of complexity it makes it do this. Never had this problem before.

Are the images in power of 2 dimensions? If not, they get resized when you drag them into the editor. (Unless you have disabled that feature in the editor options)

Yea so the power of two stuff fixes the problem!!! But what do you mean:

“Unless you have disabled that feature in the editor options”

Where do I do that? And would that allow me to bring in files that are not power of two? Also I uploaded them not dragged them in.

In a nutshell, having all your textures at power of 2 dimensions is more optimal for the GPU. You can disable this (for example if you wanted to use the images for something else, e.g using it in a generated DOM).

If you want to turn it off, you can go into Editor settings and flip the flag:

I do recommend keeping with power or two and if you are using this for sprites, using a sprite sheet (s).

Yep that’s the complete solution!

One more question. I realized that my textures overlap regardless of how far it is in the editor.

Basically if something is far behind another object it would still render infront of it.

In other engines this is usually controlled via Z order or which object is in front of another. Usually this is helpful in 2d game engines since you don’t really have the z depth, but in PC you do, so it’s odd that it doesn’t work as it should intuitively. Any solutions to this? Also where are the original devs at, noticed they have been a bit silent, are they working on something?


They answer when they can usually. It’s still a small team and they have two major features in the pipeline based on activity on the GitHub repo:

Can you provide an example project with this issue please? I have don’t have a problem using Z to handle depth if the layer has sorting set to non-manual.

Right on. I figured as much. Well thanks for sticking around and helping:D