How to prepare model's UV unwrap?

Hi, everyone!

I’ve prepared my model with 2 meshes inside.
Meshes unwrapped, there is UV maps.

How to prepare UV unwrap for entire model?
Every time i’ve uploaded it to PlayCanvas, there is now UV map available for json model object :frowning:

Please, point me to proper manual, or teach video how to do that.
May be it’s completely the same way as ‘creation UV model unwrap’ for any other engine (non WebGL, like Unity)?

P.S.: my private scene - PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine

I suppose you mean “unavailable?” [quote=“Emil_Boev, post:1, topic:2930”]
UV map available

Try .3ds format for export, it never lets me down.

I strongly recommend sticking to FBX format. 3DS, DAE and OBJ should work but FBX is far more widely tested (and more efficient).

So hitting AUTO-UNWRAP seems to work. However, I think you want to set up the lightmap UVs yourself, right?

I just loaded your FBX into 3DS Max. I see:

I’m not an artist, so I’m not an expert. But it looks like there is one set of UVs there: “UVChannel_1”

I think you need to retain the base set of UVs (“UVChannel_0” perhaps?) for this to work. Otherwise, the import will probably treat your UVs as the base set (used for diffuse, normal, emissive maps etc).

Could you please tell what is exactly difference between fbx and any other formats?
I used to export in fbx and never thought about it.

Yep, I mean: no UV map available :slight_smile:

FBX has some nice benefits:

  • It has a binary format that compresses very well. This means it uses less of your account’s storage quota.
  • It is capable of storing skinning and animation data. Formats like OBJ don’t. Maybe 3DS does - I don’t know.
  • It supports the embedding of textures. If you export your FBX with ‘Embed Media’ selected, the links between materials and textures will be preserved on import, which is very useful.
  • FBX is actively supported and developed by Autodesk. Other formats do not receive the same amount of love from Autodesk.
  • We do almost all our testing with FBX files. OBJ, 3DS, DAE receive less testing. I think it’s fair to say that the PlayCanvas importer is far more battle tested against FBX.

You’re welcome to use other formats. I just feel like FBX is the recommended option for the reasons outlined above.

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