How to play animation of imported glb objects from blender?

Hello, I’ve not worked with animation data before and it has turned out to be more of a hassle than I initially expected, and so I believe I’m missing a major component in this.

I have a baked rigidbody simulation from blender that has an animation of a vase smashing, with each piece of the vase being a seperate object.

I exported this as a .glb file as I’ve found this to be the most cross-compatible format between platforms, and in the playcanvas glTF viewer I can select each vase piece individually and view the animation.

I want to be able to play this animation on all of the pieces of the vase simultaneously, however I do not know how to go about this, as the individual pieces do not have an animation component once imported into the playcanvas editor, however they do seem to have seperate Action.glb files within this folder, one for each vase piece.

I have created a demo project with this imported glb file for reference, and would appreciate it if someone is able to push me in the right direction to play this full animation within playcanvas?

All the best!
Ava Hurst