How to paint 3d models online

not too related to playcanvas, but is there any online 3d painting websites or easy to use 3d painting software for windows? i would like to start making custom textures easily on the model without guessing on my diffuse map

Check out Substance Painter from Adobe:

Lots of interesting tutorials on YouTube, such as:

i have gotten suggestions for substance painter however the main issue is adobe is a bit expensive to be fully honest, and i’m already balancing a lot of things financially, Is there anything else you can recommend? i’ve been suggested blender but i’ve not really known blender as a texturizer, more like a modeler

You can paint directly on your model in Blender - its called texture painting. I’d suggest to google some tutorials. For example:

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thanks, i’ll look into it, never used blender so the tutorial will help a ton