How to only show certain entities through camera? But keep the shadow?


I am trying to hide my Player Model through the camera view. However, I don’t want to completely hide it. I want the shadow to show for the camera, so it’s there, but it’s not at the same time.



Look for this project… Blend Demo

It was half transparent wall…
maybe you can work on it… to make it completely transparent…


What am I looking at?

Launching this project seems a bit broken!

Could you point me in the right direction of how they made a transparent wall in camera mode?


Try to play the game from here…
Blend Demo

I dont know about game issue…:thinking:
I found it so i thought to share it with you…

Check out that object material and other thing… or you can fork the project for editing purpose…


You may also take a look at this game After The Flood
You will surely find glass type of material which may also help…


Thanks :smiley: