How to make waterfalls and streams?

  • How to create this effect on PlayCanvas

Hi @chuxinhao,

Real fluid effects are something quite heavy for most rendering engines, apart from tech demos.

The closest you can come is using either a particles system or an animated texture.

Here is a waterfall example of the latter:

  • Are there any examples of implementations using particle systems?

Sorry, I don’t have any in mind.

I think it is too performance-costly to simulate it in realtime.
But you can try to simulate your liquid in some 3d-modeling software (Blender, Maya) and export it as a mesh. You will get a mesh and a bunch of blend shapes representing the “shape” of your mesh at each frame. Then you just need to animate through each of your frames.
I never try it, but if you have no other choice, it is worth to make an experiment.