How to make optimized models for big Metaverse project

Can we make the models look good with low-resolution textures and simplified models using the blender?
I have an artist who created the assets for desktop Metaverse games, but we are going to use play canvas for web games.
We are facing lots of VRAM issues if we use high-quality models on mobile devices.
Sometimes, the models generated in Blender look different in playcanvas.

  • Can you please give some advises for optimized models to blender artists?
  • Can you please give some advises to create a big world for mobile phones?


Hi @smartday and welcome,

Study the following section on the User Manual carefully, especially the part on texture compression:

Understand your performance budget (CPU/GPU time, total VRAM on your lower end devices you are targeting).

Decide on each texture resolution based on the max space it occupies on viewport.

Decide on your total polycount per scene/level. Similarly decide on your max draw calls no. You may have to employ techniques like CPU batching and/or HW instancing, together with a custom LOD system that you may have to develop.

All in all it’s possible to build open/big projects in JS/WebGL, you just need to take into account all constraints.

And take a look at Solar Tools for PlayCanvas, they may come in handy in a project like that (I’m one of the main developers on this project):

Thanks for the reply.
I will check the documents.
Would you give some advices for 3D artist?

He should study the Performance section, it would be a good starting point.

Yes, thank you!

my 2 cents: there’s a low poly technique in Roblox modelling ecosystem, about painting all models with same palette (you can come up with your own palette for example, but they use one that a youtuber shared in the marketplace and everyone uses it, because the colors and gradients are displayed correctly in roblox when they use his palette) it’s used like this: you select the faces for the UV in blender, then place the UV on the palette into an exact single pixel (resize the UV map into a pixel or a “line” if you need a gradient, so a line is used, and if a single color then a pixel size is used), that way all the models in your game can be painted with a single texture (majority of roblox games that run well on old android phones, are made using this technique afaik). I hope it helps! (for details and howto, you can simply google it or see on their forum, there’s plenty). I use this technique for my game too, but I made my own palette (all gradients of all colors in a single 1024x1024 texture, so all models in my game, both alien monsters and turrets and buildings, planets, are using the same single texture file :stuck_out_tongue: it’s kinda cool).

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