How to make input field readonly (suppress mobile keyboard)?

Hello all,

I am trying to make the input fields within my scene be “readonly” because I do not want the mobile keyboard to pop-up when the input field is clicked/touched. I am coding a number keypad within the scene to populate the input fields instead.

Here is the scene

In the script attached to the image entity, the input is initialized with the first line of code. From my initial google search it appeared that a document input could be set to readonly to achieve what I am after. I am just stuck on how to do this in playcanvas. I tried the second line of code but no use.

Thanks in advance for any help.

this.element = document.createElement('input');

//error that attributes is not a function

Hi @hooymana,

Can you try, just in case this way instead:

this.element.readOnly = true;
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Hi @Leonidas

That worked! Thanks!

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