How to make an invisible cubemap?


I want to show a product in white space with HDR color but, I can’t find any options to turn off the visibility of a skybox image.

How could I achieve it?

You want IBL on materials but no skybox? Simply apply cubemap on materials in Environment tab. And remove skybox.

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Thank you for the reply!
Is that the only way? No visibility option for a skybox?

If you don’t need to have skybox, then you should not put skybox :slight_smile:
It is arguable that there should be another property for IBL beside skybox, so it would be easier to set it, and not skybox.

But eventually, in more complex projects due to different environments, people tend to use material slots to set it up individually on things.


It’s worth mentioning in case you didn’t know, but you can multiple select all the relevant materials and apply the cubemap to all materials at the same time.

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Thank you dave.
Actually, I applied the cubemap with that way.

And it will be good if I found materials at once with a filter which is already exist in the editor but it doesn’t support sub directory searching.