How To Make An Entity Rotate and Follow The Movement Of Another

Hi all,

How do I get an entity(the laser in the scene) to constantly point toward the player? I tried using lookAt, but it doesn’t seem to work. Please help!

Find out what direction the laser is pointing and point that to the player instead of the z axis

I’m trying, hold on a second. I remodelled it in SketchUp to point at the z axis.

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It still doesn’t work. Can you please fix it yourself? I’ll take over from there. I’m not really good at game designing, I’m more of a coder.

Me too i just got home give me a minute im not a really good designer either but ill try (ps i cant get the simLabs to work can you convert then send?)

Sure, you fix this, I’ll convert the models and send. You want me to send you the models I sent you but as an fbx file right? Or anything else?

I cant get them to convert to skp i need them as skp then i can convert them back when im done

The files I sent you are .skp

They are fbx

I’ll convert. One second.

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You do it? i need to get started

I’ll do it by myself. You work on the shooter OK? I’ll do the free roam stuff.