How to make an Aim Down Sights system

How do i make an Aim Down SIghts system so I can aim my gun

Is your question about ads or aiming?

Aim Down Sights

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i did that
now can i have help, Please?

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Yes, Sir.

Hi @thebosser24,

For making an aim down sights system you will have to make a code I know it can be painful. The code can be something like this

00, 05, 00 

But you have to add on to the code 00, 05, 00 this will allow the player what angle you want to aim. But if you want to aim on your gun sights then you will have to mess around with 00, 05, 00.

ive never actually typed code before, earlier today i was messing with the movement.js and now it gives me some random red and yellow text,if you can can you teach me a site to learn Java.

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Yeah I can. Here is a post which I use for coding and I just finished and now I know coding.
Post: Easiest website learning to code

ok ive been up at 3 in the morning fixing this

is the code JAVA?

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Everything in PlayCanvas using code is javascript.

it’s not java.
it’s javascript.
Those two are different languages.

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Ohhhhh, yeah that makes sense. I can get why people can get confused.

it is? OOOOFFFF,ive been saying java not javascript.