How to make a physical path

Is there a way to make a physical path in PlayCanvas?
One case in the tutorial is ‘camera follow path’,It allows the camera to automatically move along a path! That’s great!
But I want to set a physical path so that the object can automatically move along this path.Some potholes on the road can make objects more natural. Somebody can help me?thx

Hi @ashaaaaaaa! I’m curious for what you want to use this path exactly.

I’m making a physically moving car. I hope there are other cars moving along the physical path :slight_smile: :blue_car:

I would create checkpoints (empty entities) and rotate and move the car towards the next checkpoint.

Will such movement have a physical effect?

I’m not sure what you mean with physical effect.

such as the vehicle will fly when it hits some objects

like this :slight_smile:

At the end that will be possible, but it’s not easy to achieve. If you start with the basics you can improve it step by step.