How to make a chat?

How to make a chat in PlayCanvas?

Hi @X_Cryptic and welcome,

You can definitely make a chat in PlayCanvas, but that is neither an easy task nor something you can get a simple answer to.

You will need to study how interface works and then start learning how to add networking to your PlayCanvas game. You can take a look at the user manual and the tutorial projects found here:

PlayCanvas being a web based platform means you can also use third party Javascript libraries that can help you do that. Try searching online and you can find several libraries and also services that you can pay to add chat functionality much easier to your game.

There’s an example to make a simple chat room here with , might need updating though

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Hey @X_Cryptic, you can also consider using Chat SDK, API for Real-time Chat & Messaging - CometChat Pro. It’s a fantastic service, and with a good understanding of JS, can be easily integrated into PlayCanvas. It not only provides user-to-user chat, but also has compatibility for group chat as well as voice and/or video calls with screen share.


I have a chat system implemented in a multiplayer game I’m working on using which is pretty simple to setup.

Everything I managed to implement started with the Realtime Multiplayer Example provided by PlayCanvas as a base, this includes chat and separate rooms.

Once you understand the basics of WebSockets/, implementing this is no hassle at all :sunglasses: