How to make a 360 render

hi can u please tell me how to take out a 360 render in playcanvas

Can you be more specific to what you mean please?

Do you want to have a 360 render of the scene similar to this?

Yep, the top left render of the engine example I linked to seems to be what you need. Combine that with the screenshot code (Capturing a screenshot | Learn PlayCanvas) that that converts a texture to a PNG file

can you tell this by making a video… i am a beginner

I’m afraid I don’t have the bandwidth at the moment, you will need to look at the engine example code, the files it links to (engine/cubemap-renderer.js at main · playcanvas/engine · GitHub) and how to combine all together

is this similar to what you’re after?

Oh, that’s a point. Are you looking render out a 360 image or you want to view a 360 image in PlayCanvas?

i want an image like this of my scene

just like a hdri or an environment

In which case, my first answer will help with that. Not sure what to do if you need HDRI though, I don’t think the cubemap renderer supports that @mvaligursky ? Or is that more to do with the image export?

The cubemap renderer uses PIXELFORMAT_R8_G8_B8_A8 texture to render to, but it could use half-float / float formats as well if needed I believe.

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i dont understand what u r saying