How to load mesh model with diffuse mapped ready OBJ objects?

HI Guys, I was wondering if there is a way to load the mesh models such as buildings player characters etc any OBJ object with its textures applied, any time I pick a new mesh model, I have to remap the materials with the textures putting the diffusion , normal etc and sometimes my mesh has too many parts to do it one by one manually, please any advice ??;

My recommendation is to avoid using OBJ and use FBX instead. The reasons are:

  • FBX has a binary format which is far, far smaller than OBJ (so it’s quicker to upload and takes up less space in your account).
  • FBX can embed texture images inside the file. If you import an FBX with textures embedded, the links from meshes to materials, and materials to textures will be preserved.
  • FBX can support more advanced types of meshes, like skinned meshes. It can also store hierarchical animation.

You can import your OBJ into Blender, 3DS Max or Maya for example, and then save it out as FBX (in binary format with ‘embed media’ enabled). Then you can import efficiently into PlayCanvas with materials preserved.

Thanks @will I will do that, Im going to install 3DS max which all my objects are in that format as well

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